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- Research Director EHESS 
- Researcher Centre Maurice Halbwachs
Adresse postale :

Campus Jourdan - UMR 8097

48 bd Jourdan 75014 Paris

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History & Sociology

Welcome to this site, which brings together all my publications
           and research since 2001.

My three research themes

Bureaucrats, Business & Lobbying

I'm interested in the administrative production of economic rationalities, and in particular in the relationship between corporate executives and senior management. This theme cuts across several of my publications.


State, Nation & Immigration

For ten years I worked on the history of the French state in its relationship to decolonization and the evolution of migration policies. This site lists my work on migration policies and racism.


Rationalism & Academic freedom

Several of my publications deal with the question of the autonomy of the scientific field from political, military or economic powers: trials of researchers, the history of scholarly commitments, etc.

Ici quelques recensions ou échos de mes travaux dans la presse ou sur d'autres sites...

Pas une recension complète, juste quelques retours autour de mes publications.

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